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Founded in 2005 in Dubai, UAE, Al Logani General Trading L.L.C serves the Middle East and African countries across a broad spectrum of products including scaffolding materials, hardware, and safety products.
Global Engagement. Engaging in a multi-cultural business environment and being a responsible global citizen is our top priority. Since our creation, due to an increased demand in Kenya, we have expanded with another company in Nairobi “Shri Shesh Sai Imports Ltd.”. In addition to our manufacturing units in India for Scaffolding accessories, we import from Austria, Turkey & China for both our Scaffolding accessories and our other product lines to satisfy local client needs in Dubai, and Nairobi. Furthermore, we have regular exports to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Ghana, Dar Al Salam, and Uganda. We believe in traveling where our customers need us.
Customer Satisfaction. Our loyal customers range from the Oil & Gas Industry, Scaffolding Industry, Hardware Industry, and Construction and Contracting companies. We believe in offering high quality products, and as such all our products imported and produced go through a rigorous quality review to only provide our customers with the best products in the market. Furthermore, we provide value to our customers, by varying our products based on their design specifications and directly fulfilling their needs.
Growing Business: In addition to growing globally, by expanding our existing products across the Middle East and Africa, we are also growing the Company in our product offering. Over the last 15 years, we have also expanded our products within the safety and construction sectors or we customize the product according to client’s requirement.
Best Practice: Al Logani only strives to perfect our processes and increase efficiency in all business operations. We fulfill customer orders in a timely fashion and are committed to the business of meeting our customer’s needs. We are constantly evolving to meet our customers’ specific needs.

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Mr. Anshu Aggarwal

Managing Director

Originating from humble roots, Mr. Anshu Aggarwal moved to Dubai and founded Al Logani General Trading L.L.C. in 2005. He previously gained extensive experience in the scaffolding industry having worked with the manufacturing side of the industry in India, thereby gaining an understanding about the quality required for every item offered by the Company. He cherry picks the Company’s products and ensures only the best quality of the products offered. With the support of his employees and loyal customers, he has made Al Logani a well-known brand in the scaffolding industry today.

His goal-oriented nature does not allow him to limit markets and so he opened a new office in Nairobi in 2019 to cater the needs of his African clients. His honesty and work-ethic has gained him the respect and trust of his clients which he believes is his true earning.